Dbois of Mental Block
Dbois of Mental Block The Native Atlanta Hip-Hop Duo Dbois of Mental Block have been quietly brewing a new music movement called Rock-N-Flow. An innovative mix of catchy rock rifts and Dangerous Beats with an old school undertone that puts you in the mind of what music would sound like if you mixed 2Live crew, Lil' Jon and Outkast. Daring to try new sounds the brother duo is releasing its sophomore album Rock-N-Flow (Perseverance) which is a follow up to their 2009 album Rock-N-Flow. Also Dj Derange (bottom) & Insane (top) are also one of the most sought-after Dj/MC Duo on the Southside of Atlanta. When asked who do they make there music for they had this to say, "Well if you like the hip-hop and dance music that's being played on the radio now, then there's a good chance you may have to bend your taste in music a bit. We make our music that comes from within us and those that feel it like we do. That is the target crowd we are after."