Funk Rush
Funk Rush Funk Rush's music is an intense mix of old school funk, rock and jazz. Borne out of the long-term musical relationship between Scott Newell and Reggie Dennis, together they've amassed a unique blend of original and stylized covers.

Scott and Reggie met on one of Reg's gigs around 2000 and they began jamming, writing and playing the occasional gig with Calvin "Manny" Carter under the former band name "Chakras". Right from the first gig, the chemistry was there.

Reggie Dennis began playing bass at age 19 and grew up on a steady diet of funk, listening to all types of music. Reggie's a huge Prince and P-Funk fan and you can definitely hear it in his playing. His time is impeccable and he is always "on the 1". He's a big practical joker too. His enthusiam for music is totally genuine and he's always up for playing, no matter what.

Scott Newell started his musical life as an elementary school student, beginning with trumpet in school band and shortly thereafter adding the guitar (he also plays drums with The Shana Blake Band). Scott grew up under a broad influence of 70's disco, funk, soul, rock and roll and pop music. Later in his 20's he fell under the spell of Miles Davis and everything and everyone springing from the bebop jazz of the 40's and 50's to the present.

Newest members of the group include Donte Forsythe of the Raleigh area in NC on drums and Robert Beasley of Ohio (Los Leones) on percussion. Together they round out the Funk Rush vibe and keep it poppin' in the rhythm section.