Thrown Into Exile
Thrown Into Exile While THROWN INTO EXILE is a relatively new band, theyʼve already become the talk of the town with high-profile opening slots for bands including Sepultura, Fear Factory, Chiamira, All Shall Perish, and more. But itʼs this summerʼs Mayhem Festival that will be the biggest proving ground yet for THROWN INTO EXILE, as they were able to win the “Road to Mayhem” competition over dozens of other bands to secure a slot performing on the same bill as Slipknot, Motorhead, Anthrax, and Slayer... a dream come true for all five of these hard-working bandmates.

Another sign of good things to come for THROWN INTO EXILE is the fact that they are currently working on their debut EP, which is being produced by Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver. As if that were not impressive enough for a band that didnʼt exist at the start of last year, THROWN INTO EXILEʼs members have also received endorsement deals based on their musical skill and high profile from renowned companies such as EMG Pickups, Peavey Amplifiers, Coffin Case, and Pearl Drums.

How does a young band get such a great start? Founding members Mario Rubio and Colin Reed agree that itʼs all about one simple word: commitment. “We know that weʼre just getting started, and weʼre at a point in our career where weʼre so fortunate to get direct exposure and advice from people who have been at this much longer than we have,” says Rubio. “But everyone in THROWN INTO EXILE is more committed to the band and our music than any music project Iʼve been involved in before. We all are completely focused on doing what it takes to succeed, and we know that nothing good comes easy.”

For now, that means THROWN INTO EXILE will be working hard... getting out on the road, getting involved in major tours, and writing and recording new music as much as possible. The music itself is whatʼs most important to the band. While not out to win any awards for being the fastest, the most complex, or the most brutal, THROWN INTO EXILE takes an approach where the song itself is what inspires the performances. The result is a band that does not rely on studio tricks to get their point across; instead, what you hear on the recordings is what you get at the live show. Itʼs not at all uncommon to see a person whoʼd never previously heard of THROWN INTO EXILE jumping into the pit and getting crazy from their first exposure to the music, which is fine with the band.

“We know that we can only earn the respect of one person at a time, and the only way to do that is through our music,“ continues Rubio. “We want to be out on the road as much as possible. Itʼs the only way that people who love heavy music are going to understand what we bring to this party. I think that most of all, true metal fans are going to see right away that thereʼs nothing fake, nothing contrived about this band. We do what we do because we love it, and so will anyone who hears us.”