Three Times Bad
Three Times Bad Three Times Bad is “a hot new San Francisco string trio born from the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed, transmedia novel badbadbad” (Hood River News) by bandmate Jesus Angel Garcia. The group plays “dirty American roots music” (The Register-Guard). Think: “Epic moustaches and bent bluegrass” (The Source Weekly), blues and country, hillbilly swing and Appalachian rags, Gypsy jazz, freak preachery, murder ballads, folk punk, story songs, and hot singalongs.

Many of the lyrics come directly from scenes in the novel, which trains its high beams on 21st century Americana, where sex, God and rock ‘n’ roll meet the social web. In his five-star review of the book, James Greer (Guided by Voices) said, “Garcia aims to unsettle your assumptions about class, about gender, about sex, about religion, about identity: in short, about yourself, and what it means to be human in an inhuman world.” Three Times Bad carries on this artistic exploration with a Southern Gothic approach to songwriting and dynamic live performances in the family of the Devil Makes Three, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Jack White -- with a nod to Americana forefathers Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, and Uncle Dave Macon.

Led by unrepentant freak preacher/transmedia artist Jesus Angel, the band is comprised of a core trio (triple-threat vocals, acoustic geetar/banjo, upright bass, and fiddle or mandolin) that often welcomes guest players on the stage. The current lineup features bassist Luke Dennis (The Metal Shakespeare Company), fiddler Claire Grinton (Red Weather), and mandolinist Thomas Romero (The Silver Strings Ensemble).