Caroline Harrison
Caroline Harrison “A voice of gold” is how Swansea’s Evening Post defines Singer-Songwriter Caroline Harrison. Originally born in Kent, it may have been a very different musical story for Caroline but a family move to rural Wales in 1997 went on to help shape what looks to be a very promising career in music. She explains, “Wales is a stunning place, I have no doubt that is has already paid a big part in my musical journey so far and will continue to do so.

​ Moving away from my friends at 16 was really difficult but writing and making music became a crucial lifeline for me to express myself and I firmly believe that is why I am still so passionate about it now, I like to think of it as my healthy addiction”.

Growing up listening to Motown, Mamas & the Papas, Dusty Springfield and many more it is evident that this era has very much inspired her own sound. There is a nostalgic quality to her music that really sets her apart and an honest, deep- rooted soul in her voice that instinctively touches upon a very raw emotion.

​ Strong vocal harmonies balance against an almost fragile vocal at times making her music not only thought provoking but extremely uplifting and certainly reminiscent of good times gone by.