Dark City
Dark City Dark City is a rock band based out of New York City, playing original instrumental compositions. The group is composed of Joe Kazer (guitar), Davey Mass (bass guitar), & Andy Mass (drums). Joe originally hails from Newport Beach, California, while Davey and Andy are New Yorkers from birth.

Andy & Joe both attended college at the University of Colorado, where they first began jamming together in a smoky basement. It would be years later before they would play together again, when the west coast guitarist finally moved to New York. Davey soon came into the fold, aptly filling in with some much needed low end.

Their sound has been described as Surf, Instrumental, or Psychedelic rock, but the groups tonality is unique unto itself. Combining old tube amplifiers and reverb tanks with a modern rhythm section has pulled the group out of traditional classification, and into a genre which borrows elements from the aforementioned styles, along with traits right in line with Chicago Blues, R&B, and Punk.

These three musicians all individually pull their influences from different places, but are able to converge and produce organic, honest music, that stands on it's own.