Ryan Triggs & The Rivetbusters
Ryan Triggs & The Rivetbusters Ryan Triggs has been engulfed in music since a very early age. His father has been a professional instrument builder his whole life so there have always been stringed instruments around to keep him occupied. While he was growing up, Ryan's dad Jim worked as the head of Artist Relations for Gibson Guitars in Nashville, TN so he would tag along to The Grand Ole Opry, The Station Inn, and various Arenas, Nightclubs, and Music Festivals to see some of the worlds finest musicians perform live and interact with them before or after their shows.

Ryan concentrated on percussion as a child but picked up the banjo towards the end of high school. After a year or so he traded in the banjo for guitar and has been playing and writing songs for well over a decade now. Most recently he's has focused on country and country-rock music. In the past few years Ryan has traveled to Nashville a handful of times to co-write on Music Row with some of Country Music's most successful songwriters. While many of his original songs are catchy and clever he strives to improve as both a lyricist and a musician in the future.

Ryan has played countless live shows all over the country and you can see him and his band The Rivetbusters performing their high-energy act regularly in the Kansas City area. His dream is to write songs in Nashville full-time but he's excited about performing his original material at various clubs and festivals throughout the country until that dream becomes a reality. Ryan's songs have been featured on 92.9 The Bull in Lawrence, KS and 96.3 The Marshal in Dodge City, KS.