Eric Dodd
Eric Dodd At the impressionable age of 11 years old, Dodd attended his first concert, which happened to be the Counting Crows. Dodd was enchanted by that intangible bolt of awareness that hits you when you really feel something. This was real. From that night on, Eric wanted to be a singer-songwriter; a musician. He says he and his older brother Bryan shared a strong bond and love for music and credits his brother for noticing his wide eyes after the show. Bryan, then 15, introduced him to a wide variety of music. From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, to Nirvana to Allman Brothers, Dodd’s education had begun. And the story goes…

Along with some of his high school buddies, Dodd formed a rock band in Madison, Georgia where he attended high school. He had his first taste of singing original compositions for an enthusiastic crowd at the town’s Cultural Center. Considered a local sensation, the young band played original and cover songs throughout their community and surrounding towns. Though the members parted ways when college called, Dodd’s passion for music did not wane; his resolve to create was stronger than ever.

While at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Dodd began to scout the local bars and restaurants; he played anywhere that would let him. With steadfast dedication and hard work, his songwriting and stage presence quickly evolved. He began collaborating with other songwriters around the state as well as friends. Dodd’s interest in the inner workings of the music industry began to take hold and he moved to Athens to study the business side of his craft. While studying Music Business at the University of Georgia, he paid his dues at the many venues in town including the famous Georgia Theatre. Dodd says, “moving to Athens was a key decision in discovering how I would make music my life and make my life music.”

Now 27, Dodd’s fans describe him as an old soul with lyrics that subscribe to this observation. Dodd has a seamless and tasteful way to weave between rock, country, and Americana. His music is accessible to a wide audience, not by design but by influence. His entertaining shows and maturity behind the scenes display the poise one must have to succeed in the music business today.

Dodd and his band have been touring the southeast since 2008 and are playing over 200 shows a year. Dodd is one of Georgia’s most polished and eminent artists.