Rene Russell
Rene Russell If you want to know what Rene Russell sounds like, try sitting on a couch between Graham Norton and the cast of Monty Python while sipping on a smooth blend of Stevie Nicks, Leo Kottke, Suzanne Vega, Melissa Etheridge and The Indigo Girls, with a splash of Janis Ian for balance. Somewhere in the mix you will find me.

I am a self-described hammer-on, claw pulling, slap style, thumping, finger-picking fool. All this I do on a 12-string guitar…because I can.

I am a holographic human. My music comes from 2 places; subconscious knowledge and my life journey… this time. Subconscious knowledge is that mysterious flow that seems to appear or drop into my brain as I play the guitar or put the pen to the paper. I don’t understand it at first, but as I continue to create, it makes itself clear, it has its own life and it gives birth to itself through me.

So I tell stories about my past….mistakes… and I weave hopes and mysteries about the future right now in the present. I am powered by the light of the moon through the mystery of time. I bring things hidden into the light of beauty and understanding.

I am always in search of, on a mission to or in the process of….creating something new. My life is the Melody, my Heart is the Rhythm, my Belief is the reason, and Love gives me Purpose. My goal is simple; to perpetuate positivity…sharing, forgiveness, beauty, art, hope, truth, unity…all the positive emotions and actions we create together every moment.