Anami Vice
Anami Vice When people ask me what I do I say, “I do music.”. The question that follows is inevitably always the same, “OH! what kind of music?!”. Then I get all squeamish and/or sheepish and say, “ rap music…” I don’t say hip hop because when I say hip hop it sounds as if I’m trying to dress it up and make a pre-emptive argument for the legitimacy of the genre. I tend to over think shit. What I should say and what the truth is - “I rap and make hip hop music. I grew up listening to hip hop and I’m proud of music that I make”

Eventually, I will become disillusioned with the rap game, grow a big beard and start making overtly political albums. But for now I’m content to make good songs that I would wanna listen to. Hope y’all enjoy as well. AV