One Of The Girls
One Of The Girls You might want to grab a pint first. We'll wait. OK, ready?

In early 2004, Tom was acting in a play. One day backstage the girls in the show were discussing feminine things. They didn't pay Tom no nevermind. He was just one of the girls. Meanwhile, Tom and his brother Al wanted to put together a band for St. Patrick's Day 2004. So they did. But they needed more than a banjo. They contacted Tripp. Trish, one of the girls in Tom's play, was Tripp's fiancee (now wife). Tripp was one of the girls too. A week before St. Patrick's Day, Sean, who was in a play that Tom was assistant directing, asked to join the band. Are you following? Being that Sean was the youngest sibling of several sisters, and given the above-documented "invisibility in the presence of girls" of the other band members, One of the Girls was born just before St. Patrick's Day 2004.

One fine spring day, the Girls were rehearsing on a street corner, when Roger walked by. "Say, wouldn't you gents like a stand-up bassist for your music-band?" he asked. "Why, of course we would," was the reply. "But we must advise you that we are Girls."

Some time later, Al packed his bindle, hopped on his bike, and pursued a solo career touring the USA and Europe with his banjo. Since 2011, he's been back with us full time.

Right after recording our first album, A Streetcorner Summer (2005), Mike joined the band, adding musical depth, mad accordion playing, and a wicked sense of humor.

Then Mike got married and moved back to Vermont, but not before he helped us record and mix our second album, Blueirishfolkgrass (2010). Tripp then left for California to pursue a PhD in being a Reverend Holy Pants. Shaun then joined us on the mandolin. (Are you following all this? There will be a quiz later.)

Sometimes, on a foggy March night in Chicago, you can still see all seven of One of the Girls singing Irish tunes at your local watering hole. It's downright spooky.