NIX Originally from Michigan, multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter NIX (aka Nick Agorgianitis) migrated west to Portland in 2007. Soon after his arrival he joined up with roots rock group Papagaiyo, resurrected his college jam-band Jesta, and immersed himself within the Northwest music community. Over the last few years he has toured the West Coast extensively, sharing the stage with well-known national acts such as Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Bass Science, Praang, Steve Kimmock, Vince Herman, Ike Willis, Tribal Seeds, Jerry Joseph, The Bridge, The Motet, Great Mundane, Scott Pemberton, Fruition and Yamn. As the music was constantly divergent and evolving around him, so were Nick's ideas for a new sound. After spending years primarily focused on vocals, guitar and keys, he decided to entertain the other side of his musical palate; jumping down the rabbit hole into the electronic music world. Having already established himself as a jam rock guitarist, NIX developed a fresh vision for a crossover sound he jokingly dubbed 'Sleazy Listening'. While still bringing his jam band prowess to the table, NIX managed to orchestrate a new sound with heavy helpings of synth, sub sonic bass manipulations, energizing backbeats, solid hooks, and of course, sleazy guitar riffage. He took on his nickname as a new performing alias and the metamorphosis began.

After mutating his apartment into a home recording studio, recruiting some colleagues from the jam-rock world, and allowing his inner deejay to escape, NIX exploded with new musical ideas. The result was the impressive debut solo LP "20 Something", demonstrating his love of club-ready dance cuts.

NIX launched his new attraction onto the scene in the summer of 2012 with a sold out show at the Bossanova Ballroom. After the debut he was nominated for musician of the year through the RAW artist group of Portland. He then started playing venues across the NW, threw an after party event for Eliot Lipp, and even performed on 'Oregon Music Live' TV. His album has attracted thousands of new fans across the globe and paved the way for a new direction to take his creativity.

When looking to further develop his vision in the live realm, NIX invited a variety of DJ's and musicians to join in on his shows in 2012'. Hippin Shlog, a local DJ, joined up full time. Together they instantly crackled with energy and became an infectious electronic duo. Extremely versatile, they found they could play gigs normally reserved for DJ's, while still having the band-like aesthetic that could instantly connect on a large concert stage.

With touring plans in the works and a new album coming out in the spring 13' it's shaping up to be a promising introduction for NIX to the world - all over again.