Totescity Totescity is Doodle Do (Jeff Madlambayan) and Gables (Gabriel Allred), a production and DJ duo with much recent success and a growing notoriety among the nightlife of the Las Vegas strip and downtown. The pair has over ten years experience as working DJs and understand the social psychology of the dance floor and the socioeconomics of good disc jockeying. Totescity plays a variety of genres; with Gables having a background as a house DJ playing the Las Vegas rave circuit of the early 2000s and Doodle Do with a history as a turntablist and hip-hop DJ, as well as being a former member of bands Pan De Sal and Werd to the Mothership. As a duo however, Totescity mixes pop, funk, soul, nu-disco, 80s, hip-hop, dubstep, house, world, and mashups, much of which they produce themselves. The duo also brings a visual element to many of their nights using projected visuals of thematic video footage to fit the format of the evening.