Poeina Suddarth
Poeina Suddarth Up and coming performing artist and songwriter, Poeina Suddarth, is relentless in her pursuit of bringing her music to her nationwide fanbase. Although her van broke down almost a year ago she has been hitch hiking, ridesharing, and using fan funding to tour on foot while toting her guitar and suitcase of handmade merchandise behind her.

Poeina lived for 8 years out of a van with her lover and dog, and roamed the country collaborating, and crafting her songwriting skills. During a tour where she was a vocalist and hype girl for Northwestern hip hop group Dark Time Sunshine, rapper Onry Ozzborn said, “I’m only going to say this one time, now is the time. You are a star girl. You need to get yourself your own stage”.

Poeina’s solo music first hit the stage during her original musical production, “The Bedroom Show” in May of 2011. The show was based on the theme from her song "White Mountain Beauty" that says, “with the thunder brings the rain in the canyons echoing like the time I lost my faith and still survived”. The bedroom show was written, produced and performed by Poeina Suddarth with the support from the Northwestern community, and 30+ cast and crew members.

Poeina EP was released on iTunes through Longbridge Entertainment on February 18th, 2013

"Gasoline" is currently receiving airplay on the following radio stations:
KVNA Flagstaff, AZ
KRXB Boise, ID
KWSS Glendale, AZ
WWIR Hollywood, FL
KSBX Los Angeles, CA
NWCZ Tacoma, WA