Michael Beresh
Michael Beresh Music to some people is just a radio in the back ground of life. To other's it's a way of life or a compulsive religion. Michael Beresh is definitely the latter of the two. Beresh has been releasing albums and performing since age nineteen. He has performed in venues ranging from backyards in Maine to amphitheaters in Virginia to Bar's in Texas and New Orleans. Album after album and mile after mile, Beresh has continued to write music and perform at a break neck pace. The Huffington Post writes" In Maryland, it isn't uncommon to hear the words "greatest songwriter" hung around his neck by those in the know.

In 2012 alone , Beresh released a full album with his Letters to Baltimore project, a single "Jarrettsville" with Austin Texas indie rocker Abby Mott, performed at Del McCoury's music festival Delfest on Memorial Day weekend and followed up the Mott guest single with the EP Southpaw) all within 11 months.. Not to mention Solo and County Devils shows spanning throughout the northeast.