The Old Tire Swingers
The Old Tire Swingers When Paul Chesterton first heard bluegrass music in 2003, he fell in love with the banjo. He soon purchased his first banjo and started teaching himself how to play it. After spending a couple years practicing and writing songs, Paul put together a hard-driving old time string band. Paul, joined by Nick Kennedy on the acoustic guitar, Frick Dau on the stand-up bass, and Eathan Hakker on mandoli n make up the Old Tire Swingers. The band is influenced by the old time Appalachian string bands as well as music ranging from Bluegrass to Country to Americana.

Since playing their first show in February 2011, the band has released their debut full length CD, completed a successful tour of England and Wales, two tours of the U.S. and is currently on their 3rd tour throughout the continental U.S.

In a typical Old Tire Swingers set, listeners will hear both traditional and original songs that vary tempos, energy levels, and emotion. The band prides itself on its vocal work with 2 and 3 part harmonies in most every song. Although much of the band's set list is hard-driving old time music, fans of bluegrass, country, acoustic, folk, and americana are sure to enjoy the Old Tire Swingers as well.