David Shelby
David Shelby Picking up the trumpet in grade school led to a couple of twists along that fabled road to becoming a professional performer. Dave earned a degree in Jazz and Contemporary Media, singing tenor with the university Vocal Jazz Ensemble. He’s been on national tours as an ace trumpet slinger and his writing credits include arrangements commissioned for the dedication of national war monuments and work for the Pittsburgh Symphony. All that time he kept an eye on that two-lane blacktop leading to his love of country music.

Leaving touring life behind for a spot with Detroit legends, The Regular Boys, he began singing more and writing in earnest. While honing his chops Dave began to chase down his dream of becoming a singer songwriter. He traded in his trumpet for a microphone and a guitar and began his journey. Writing from the heart and performing energy packed shows with his “Home Wreckers” band, is quickly becoming his trademark.

Dave sings, writes, and performs his material with a lot of heart and total conviction. His songs reflect his love for Nashville, the history of country music, and his gritty "Rock On!" sensibilities are pure Detroit.

"I wanted my music to reflect where I come from," Dave explains," I grew up on equal parts Country, Motown and Rock."

Solid songwriting, good humor and depth of feeling all meet up on that road back home. David Shelby traveled far and wide to find what he needed...just a microphone, a band and an audience.