Awesome Dre
Awesome Dre Highly regarded as a top lyricist by true hip-hop heads,Detroit rap pioneer Awesome Dre ( Hard Core Committee) has been putting in work for over 20 years. His debut album "You Can't Hold Me Back" released on Jorlands Records in '89 is considered by many a classic. with cuts like "Frankly Speaking"&"Committing Rhymes",Awesome Dre is among the first Detroit m.c.'s to gain national exposure in the pivital golden age era of hip-hop, acquiring a deal with Priority Records, appearing on Rap City, MTV, Billboard magazine charts & more!

His follow up LP "A.D.'S Revenge"released on Strictly Roots Records in '93 included the singles "Dis Is Babylon" & the title track, and included more conscious/street lyrics. Awesome Dre released "Top Tens" in 2009 and continues to record and tour, a new album & dvd will be released in 2013.