Appalachian Gypsy Tribe
Appalachian Gypsy Tribe The Appalachian Gypsy Tribe sound transcends the spectrum of music from one end to the next. Their creative songwriting touches down on multiple genres before soaring off again on a psychedelic sound-craft. Their musicianship has been building for years, and now it has come together as a new sensation of improvisation in the Pennsylvania music scene.

The band began playing together in July of 2012. Since then, AGT has exploded into Pennsylvania venues and festivals; gaining momentum and expanding their family base with a wide range of music styling and infectious songwriting. With each song, AGT brings a fresh and new atmosphere to the table. Their compositions are carefully layered with thick harmonies, intricate musical movements, deep rooted stories, and uplifting lyrics. Improvisation moves one song into the next, leaving a surprise around every corner.

There is a strong sense of “family” in the group which helps drive their art and inspire one another. AGT has made many transformations since the beginning, always growing and moving forward with their music. The band is fronted by vocalist Emily Newman. Her powerful voice gives life to the lyrics and propels the music for the band. Guitarists Asa Wilson and Travis Mason steer the jams with their innovative lead/rhythm guitar work. Bass player Josh Tacker digs deep to release his grooves while the beats flow effortlessly from drummer TJ Zellers and percussionist Jose Teran.

With only two years under their belt, Appalachian Gypsy Tribe has found themselves on many festival bills and on the stage of many popular night clubs and venues. Much like the music, the members of the band are full of energy and excitement which manifests in their sound, and they are ready to follow wherever the music may lead.