Violent Faith
Violent Faith Recently formed in 2010 in the tri-cities area with Gary Thomas Hoag, Tracy Kerbuski, Dan Pukett and Lonnie Pearo, who with many years of combined experience are compiling their full length album. Tracy Kerbuski a founding member of Drop Hammer (Metal Blade Recs.), Steel Vengeance (Black Dragon Recs. & Giant Recs.), Bold Face, Ten Ton Krush, and with Dan Puckett & Lonnie Pearo in 4U2NV and Game On.. has teamed up with local friend and guitarist, Gary Thomas Hoag, formerly of: Shadow Status, Touch Hole, Driven, 4U2NV, Unearthed, and Hyatus.

Taking unreleased and new songs into the studio to mix there styles together to represent Violent Faith. These reproduced and remastered songs will be out later as their first full length album together. What you hear here is subject to change when the new versions are released.

Always remember to Keep the Faith as we are only human.