Blue Turtle Seduction
Blue Turtle Seduction Blue Turtle Seduction is about crossroads. One road connects post-grunge americana with gypsy ska. The other road connects adrenaline and dance with melody and creativity. At this intersection is where the band flies it's musical flag.

Blue Turtle Seduction boasts three studio albums; 13 Floors, Deep Sea Rodeo, and Under Sierra Ground. As well, the band has more than 1,000 live shows under its belt, playing small and large venues from Hawaii to New York City. Its continually growing fanbase represents a kaleidoscope of musical tastes and backgrounds.

Formed and based in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Blue Turtle Seduction is Adam Navone on drums, Christian Zupancic on vocals, violin and electric mandolin, Glenn Stewart on vocals, harmonica, and pan flute, Jay Seals on vocals and electric guitar, and Steve Seals on bass.

"Combining electric guitar, acoustic instruments, drums, and harmonica with surfer harmonies, garage grunge, gypsy jazz, pop rock, and bluegrass TexMex, Blue Turtle Seduction takes fans on an unexpected, but rich musical journey." -Janie Franz, SKOPE magazine (October '08)