James Conner
James Conner James Conner has been writing, recording and performing music in the Bay Area for nine years. Originally from New Jersey, James moved to San Francisco in 2003 and released 'James Conner: For The Industry EP (iTunes, CD Baby).' Featuring fast electronic music and spoken-word vocals the first EP and the subsequent full-length record, 'James Conner: A Year In The Light Of My Life' (2007) mixed elements of Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, and David Bowie into a dark fusion of brooding angst. It's now 2012 and James has returned with his second full-length record. Turning his attention to Indie rock, the new record, 'San Francisco (Good-night In Dreamland) (iTunes, CD Baby)' delivers a cohesive blend of Indie Rock, 90's Alternative Rock, and some elements of Jazz. To capture the songs on 'San Francisco' James recorded with Nic Pope for a year at Different Fur Studios in the Mission. James has enlisted Nathan Bennet (on guitar) and Alex Aguallo (on drums) to round out a powerful trio to bring 'San Francisco' to the stage.

2nd Dimension 2012.