MarsupiaL MarsupiaL's special blend of progressive rock, jam-band, southern roots and jazz transcends any preconceived classification. Mick Skidmore of Relix Magazine explains, “The band operates as a tight-knit family and has a common philosophy of crossing all available musical boundaries. In the past five years, this quartet has created a buzz around the southeast U.S. with an eclectic vision that melds an improv-heavy mix of jazz-rock and progressive rock with superior melodic content". Now, with the eminent release of MarsupiaL's fourth CD, 'Genus Thylacinus’, on March 24, 2009 the band is being touted as "One of the nation's brightest stars in the prog-rock scene."

"In addition to making a name for itself through powerful live shows, MarsupiaL is quickly earning a reputation as one of the most thoughtful recording artists in the prog-rock field, earning comparisons to national acts such as Umphrey's McGee," says the Mountain Times. The band's 2006 release 'Curtains' garnered rave reviews worldwide from critics and fans alike, and quickly became a favorite on WNCW's 'Arc Overnight' program. This follows the success of 'Moby Fleck', an album that landed in the top 20 regional albums for the year 2006.

Quotes / Reviews

"One of the hardest working and certainly most talented bands swimming in the crowded and competitive Asheville music scene pool, MarsupiaL is a nimble crew achieving (and deserving) to explode onto the southern jam seas." Honest Tune Magazine

"With it's third album 'Curtains' MarsupiaL - the kind of band that opens for the likes of Gov't Mule and Ulu and gets press in Relix magazine - proves that jam music needn't be self-absorbed noodling ... there's plenty of diversity..." Sea Of Tranquility

"MarsupiaL's latest album alternately varies from Zappa-esque instrumental tracks to emotional prog-rock, a la Pink Floyd." Mountain Times

"To peg a label on MarsupiaL would be to short-change the quartet... MarsupiaL's music displays unfettered versatility, whether they are shaking out a simple rock song or digging in for a mighty sonic adventure." Hittin' The Note Magazine