Delilah Jones
Delilah Jones It has been a very busy year for Delilah Jones. Playing numerous venues up and down the California Coast, the band has been sharing its eclectic mix of music, in the style of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, to thrilled audiences everywhere.

2006 started out on a positive note for Delilah Jones by bringing a few new faces into the mix. This has resulted in a level of musicianship in the band that has never been higher. From blistering solos to three and four part vocal harmonies, Delilah Jones continues to up the ante, always hard at work to both introduce new material, and breath fresh life into the classics that the fans have grown to expect over the years.

As a result, the band continues to make new friends wherever their travels take them. They maintain an extensive email mailing list to ensure that when Delilah Jones plays a show, everyone knows about it. The band continues to draw consistently and, in the past few months, has played to more than a few “standing room only” crowds throughout the Southern California area. The buzz is growing and the band has never been busier, nor sounded better.

Delilah Jones always keeps an eye out for hot new venues that they can bring their psychedelic jam band experience to. The group, all seasoned professionals, bring a no-hassle, always-on-time attitude wherever they play. They travel with their own state of the art PA system that can handle venues of any size to ensure that they always sound their best.

If you would like to be a part of “the buzz” and have Delilah Jones breathe new life into your club, contact the band’s booking agent immediately at the contact information listed above. The summer calendar is filling fast so don’t delay. Make plans today to relive the psychedelic days of summer with Delilah Jones, the foremost Grateful Dead tribute band in Southern California.