Des Munks
Des Munks Transcending musical genres, Des Munks is a Des Moines based trio which prides themselves on musicianship and live improvisation. Drums, guitar, and bass are the driving force of funk behind each of their performances. The trio's catalog of blues, rock, reggae and countless other musical currents and impulses is nearly impossible to classify, just how they like it. Each band member's unique musical ability, their ever expanding list of musical influences, as well as their love for music and improvisation, is sure to create an energy at each show that will ignite the dance floor and get you moving. Just having recently put on their first performance in late 2012, DesMunks are looking to make an unforgettable impact on the music scene - believing this is only the tip of the iceberg for what good is to come.

George McCutchen - Drums
Spencer Brown - Guitar
AJ Simon - Bass