Musical Monk
Musical Monk Musical Monk is the moniker for Dan Griffith, guitarist, singer and explorer of the imagination, proponent of the possibilities of the soul in celebration and expression.

Nov 2012 saw the release of his Debut Album as Musical Monk, "The Spaces in Between." Among many other talented musicians to grace the album, the record features the likes of Natalie Cressman (Trombonist for Trey Anastasio Band) and Sean Dixon (Drummer for Jazz Mandolin Project).

The album's diversity covers many different styles of Rock n Roll, Funk, Bluegrass, Phish-influenced flavor, Reggae, Ska, Dead-like vibes and more. The songs are poetic, open-ended explorations of the universal aspects, conflicts, and blessings of mankind and his Surroundings.

While Musical Monk's record is deeper on the introspective side of the pool, Dan's main bag is surely playing live where he usually keeps things filthy funky or uplifting, peaking, and rocking. His unceasing energy is contagious to those in the room, and he has honed his improvisation on the guitar to be a reflection of his musical will.

Outside of Musical Monk, Dan has played 1000's of shows from Florida to Maine in bands such as Zap and The Naturals, Big Meat, Fever Train, Curious Mishap and more. He also runs a music program for toddlers in New York City.