Michael Wolff

  • Joes Strut
    Joes Strut
  • Pandoras Box
    Pandoras Box
  • jazz JAZZ Jazz
    jazz JAZZ Jazz
  • Pool of Dreams
    Pool of Dreams
  • Love and Destruction
    Love and Destruction
  • Love & Destruction
    Love & Destruction
    Michael Wolff challenges expectations on his most recent CD, "Love & Destruction." Integrating rock, pop and world musics with his underlying jazz sensibilities, Wolff has cultivated a new terrain for himself - fusing original tracks with eclectic covers, exploring and expressing songs lyrically as well as musically.
  • Dangerous Vision
    Dangerous Vision
    Michael Wolff and his band Impure Thoughts have delivered a riveting new album, 'Dangerous Vision'. The Album is sinister, cinematic, sensual, confident. "It's the record I've always wanted to make," says Wolff. "There's no doubt that I was looking to create a new sonic template for this album, to make a jazz CD that sounded crisp, unusual, distinctive." With that in mind, Wolff spent time listening to 'Uninvisible' by Medeski Martin & Wood, and 'These Are The Vistas' by The Bad Plus. Ultimately, 'Dangerous Vision' achieves the in your face piano and drum quality that had thus far eluded Wolff. He attributes the album's immediacy to the energy and tension created by inviting a live audience to observe the studio recording sessions. 'Dangerous Vision' has strong appeal for the jam band crowd, world beat enthusiast and jazz aficionados alike.
  • Christmas Moods
    Christmas Moods
  • Impure Thoughts
    Impure Thoughts