The Great I Am
The Great I Am We are touring band from Chicago, IL currently based out of Peoria, IL

The Great I Am have topped the charts globally in the Jam category on the Reverbnation charts and are currently ranked #1 in Chicago.

Following the successful reception of The Great I Am's debut LP Up in the Air, the band has performed at the Cabin Fever Indoor Camping and Music Festival and are excited to play this year's Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL. They have played other select venues in Illinois such as The Castle Theater, Apollo Theater, and The Abbey Pub in preparation for their first tour beginning in the Spring of 2013. They are also booked to play clubs during Jazzfest in New Orleans, LA.

Up in the Air was recorded live at Red Brick Recording in Chicago, IL. It was completed in 3 days with very few overdubs. The Great I Am's mission was to capture their live performance energy on this recording. The band also wanted to showcase their ability to blend different musical stylings into one coherent album. The result was an album that is pleasing to the ears of many music fans. Up in the Air was written as an entire album, not just an album with songs randomly thrown together. There are elements of funk, rock, country, blues, and jam.

The Great I Am is supported 100% financially by Flea Circus Entertainment and has been relocated from Chicago, IL to a 6 bedroom band house in Peoria, IL to eat, sleep, and breathe music. They are currently writing new material for another album. They are also refining their live performance in preparation for their upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer tour.

The wheels of this road ready band are in motion. Please stay tuned as they will be coming to a town near you!

The Great I Am:

Kevin Mace - VOX, Acoustic Guitar

Jeremy Johnson - Drums

Deandre Jones - Bass

Patrick Creedon - Lead Guitar

Greg Vazquez - Lead Guitar

Management Contact:

Tom Lohmiller

Flea Circus Entertainment

Phone: 215.840.9350