Shana Halligan
Shana Halligan After nearly seven exceedingly successful years as the singer/songwriter of sophisticated pop group Bitter:Sweet, the Los Angeles native found herself alone in Europe, a freshly minted solo artist in search of her next sound.

Halligan has spent the last 2 years stretching her musical muscles through a series of inspired collaborations. From writing and recording with friend Serj Tankian , best known as the lead singer of System Of A Down, to dance guru , grammy nominated Morgan Page, to a collaboration and tour with Electronic band innovators Thievery Corporation, to Charles Webster, Wax Taylor, Carmen Rizzo, and a tour through the UK and Europe with the sultry French group Nouvelle Vague ,which included a sold out performance in London's Royal Albert Hall. All these experiences combined helped inspire her recent release of Paper Butterfly, which earlier this year, charted at #3 on iTunes.

Having a long time relationship come to end was a large catalyst for Halligan's outpouring of creativity. "I could have gone into a deep depression and never come out of my bed which I heavily considered" she laugh's in retrospect, "Instead I decided to fly to another part of the word and just throw myself into music".

Halligan is also eager to continue to have her music be used in film and television. Bitter:Sweet was no stranger to that with over 200 TV episodes, commercials, and soundtracks to their credit.

Some examples of that were: Victoria's Secret, Korbel, Bebe, Sex and The City, The Devil Wear's Prada, Harry's Law, Entourage, Lipstick Jungle( theme song) , Duplicity,(End title) Ninna Ricci perfume, Shoot Em Up, What About Brian, Nip Tuck, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Cars 2,.... just to name a few.

The daughter of founding member Dick Halligan (composer, arranger ) of Blood Sweat & Tears, she learned at an early age that there are no limits to how far you can go in music. "I'm not really scared of anything. There are so many different angles to work with now. But some things never change, you still have to tour and put out good records."

People will find you if you're worth finding.

Halligan is currently working on her forthcoming album as well as an inspired collaboration between her other great love... food, cooking , and music.