Clem & Them
Clem & Them Clem & Them is a San Francisco-based blues and Americana music project that gathers the diverse talents of the all-star trio, Remedy, with the soulful songwriting prowess and vocals of singer-songwriter, Paige Clem.

Clem & Them's roots-infused music is warm and accessible, yet packs a punch with Paige's smokey, captivating vocals delivering a message of pain and redemption garnered through a life of love and loss. Possessing that rare gift for opening up a direct line of communication with every listener, Clem & Them approaches each performance with an honest, often clever, and always accessible authenticity that offers a refreshing departure from the precociousness of much indie rock and the formulaic nature of so many blues artists these days. The band has immense experience with blues, rock, and pop at the highest levels of stardom, yet as Clem & Them, they distill the grooves of American music down to the core of what’s necessary to deliver the perfect song.

Paige Clem - Vocals, Guitar

Matt Amans - Vocals, Guitar

Marc Levine - Bass

Ed McClary - Drums