Luce Luce’s history reaches back to 2001. Their first record, which was self titled, gained immediate attention on Bay Area radio stations such as San Francisco’s KFOG. The album's single, “Good Day” was soon picked up in Hollywood and appeared in movies such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and 13 Going On 30, and on television shows like The O.C. and Alias. In 2003, Luce earned the California Music Award for “Outstanding Debut Album.” In order to continue promoting the album the band fervently toured the US playing alongside bands like Sixpence, None The Richer and Goo Goo Dolls.

In the early spring of 2005, Neverending was unveiled to a packed CD release filled with eager fans. Fans welcomed the band’s follow-up album with open arms and plenty of excitement, as well as Hollywood once again. Neverending’s first single, “Buy A Dog” found its way onto the USA Network’s Psych and the silver screen’s “Frank, The Dog.” In the fall of 2007, LUCE was awarded “Best Band You Should Know About” by San Francisco Magazine readers.

In 2008, LUCE attracted the attention of an exciting new Bay Area based record label, Ninth Street Opus, and at the top of 2009, became one of its first signing bands. Under the new label, LUCE released their much anticipated third album, Corner of the World.

2010 brings a new decade and a reflection of the past years as well as new material with a new acoustic album set to release on April 24, 2010.