Photo Radio
Photo Radio Photo Radio is a high-energy, Maryland based original fusion band that was formed in early 2012.

Their music showcases their universal appeal to both mainstream and indie music lovers.

Fronted by the talented Mary-eL (Melody/Singer/Songwriter), Photo Radio continues to make fans everywhere they perform. Photo Radio features Austen (Rhythm/Lead/Composer), Matt (Thump), Dave (Funk), and Will (Back-beat).

"...and a band I had never seen before BUT will again was Photo Radio! WHEW! This band is tighter than a dolphin's booty and use authentic neo soul vox that will have you makin the stink face ALL night with a little extra crispy on the percussion section!! These cats are the real deal!! Sick ass time at The Monkey on Saturday!! I enjoyed myself!"

~Omar D. -Brass Monkey, Baltimore, MD.