ScRaAaBb! ScRaAaBb stemmed from a previous group that was based around Alternative Hardcore Punk and Ska back in 2005. There was four of us in the band at the time; Tyler Gray on vocals, Alex McCormick on bass, RJ Adkins on Drums, and Vinny Balsamo on Guitar. After almost 3 years of steady writing and show playing, Vinny, RJ, and Alex decided they were going to experiment with writing more complex songs that were not based around playing just fast power chords. Tyler had left the picture at this point. After spending much time as a three piece, there was finally a a direction in sight after writing a few 20 minute long songs. The band is not your typical Jam band. There are times when Vinny is switching back and forth from guitar and synth. The dynamical changes, funky bass lines, and rock n' roll beats, all collaborate in an improvisational manner to make what is to be know as ScRaAaBb!