Aquamarine Dream Machine
Aquamarine Dream Machine Since the fall of 2007, Aquamarine Dream Machine has been hitting the midwest music scene with a unique, fresh sound. This can be accredited to the band’s ever expanding musical influences, drive, and passion for their art. With their love for good music, and a lot of hard work, Aquamarine Dream Machine is working to spread their music to every household in America. The Aquamarine Dream Machine project was created to allow each of the members the freedom to expand and build upon their passion for live improvisation. The passion behind the group’s creativity comes from the excitement they experience while creating in front of the audience. The band takes it's prewritten compositions and builds and expands on the piece while performing it. The group may achieve this by making some subtle shifts in dynamic or tempo or they may make a drastic mood altering change that will propel the piece into a completely different direction. This method brings extreme excitement and originality to the group’s works. It also creates an exciting unpredictable environment for the listener. The group strives to bring their listeners something new each time they take the stage. Their live improvisation is the perfect vehicle to get them where they want to go musically. Since the groups music is always evolving and changing it gives them the ability to hardly ever play the same song the same way twice. The groups influences consist of multiple groups for the 60’s and 70’s and 90’s eras of rock music. Some of their most notable influences are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, The Doors, and Grateful Dead. Richard Way Jr joined the band in November 2009; he replaced the group’s original drummer Josh Scherb. The addition of Richard on drums has helped the group take their sound to the next level. Richards drumming style is just what the group needed to really ground the rhythm section and give the group more flexibility.