Rossi The passion for singing and being involved in the world of entertainment Rossi acquired at a very early age is no longer a dream, it is gradually becoming a reality. It is hard to believe that at the age of 17, Rossi found himself slowly loosing his passion while in a singing group with friends. When his group members began showing signs that they were heading down a path that he was unsure he was ready to take, his interest in performing began to fade and singing was no longer fun for him. Rossi decided to take a break from singing and get more involved with sports, but deep down his longing to sing for the world was still there, and would soon come back to life.

Rossi comes from a very large family, being the second of six siblings. Although his family has deep East Coast roots, Rossi is undoubtedly a West Coast representer, hailing from Richmond, CA. Raised by solely his mother, Rossi always had a strong desire to provide for his family and assure his mother that she wouldn’t have to work as hard her entire life. One day, Rossi was home alone, thinking about life and what he could make of his own and just began to sing. He sung so loud and for so long that when he stopped, his voice was gone. Two weeks went by, and he noticed he still wasn’t able to hold a note to its fullest potential. Rossi worried that because he wasn’t using his gift it was now being taken away from him, that’s when he realized how much his music truly meant to his livelihood.

Having a new found drive and fire to entertain, Rossi began searching for a place to develop his sound. All of Rossi’s close friends were also trying to gain respect as musical artist, so they decided to band together and collectively work towards becoming successful, calling themselves HBK (Heartbreak Kids).

Since Rossi’s back and forth struggle with his music and finding where his passion truly lies, he has accomplished things that surely show a bright future is in his reach. Landing two songs on KMEL, the #1 Bay Area Hip-Hop and R&B radio station, and being featured on various award winning blogs, including Singers Room and Vlad TV, Rossi is definitely making a name for himself in this extremely competitive industry.