The Hodges
The Hodges This San Francisco Bay Area band had been rockin the local club scene since 2008 with great songs written by band-leader Robert Keller (aka Automatic Quandry). All was well until one day Robert decided to try a teleport system in a virtual world. Suddenly he became a pixelated puppet, lost in a virtual reality full of dreams photographs and promises. And he thought "wow, this is kinda cool!" He dragged his buddies along kicking and screaming with foggy and shaded requests from the ethernet rich outer world and booked some shows in his new pixelated universe---a virtual world known as Second Life ( He and the band weren’t seen for months!

Just recently however, they found a way back to this world---well, two of them did anyway – namely Robert Keller, band leader, singer/songwriter and John LoGiudici, guitarist. Spinal Tap inflicted drummers and bass players where left strewn in their path like pixelated Jackson Pollack attempts. All those strange gardening accidents... While former drummers and bassists are no doubt caged in some virtual asylum somewhere, new, spontaneous combustion free recruits were needed here in the real world.

After months of lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), Auntie Em hooked them up with the drummer and bass player they had been looking for when that tornado hit. Enter 'Ski' on bass and Tymber on drums---completing a powerful and energetic rhythm section supporting the contagious melodies and soulful vocals in songs rife with influences such as Pink Floyd, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty and U2. Veteran players all, these guys blend diverse musical backgrounds and come together to create an engaging musical experience --- drawing you into melody and rhythm that is accessible, interesting, compelling and infectious. Just ask Auntie Em!

Now that the path between the two worlds is known to them, the teleport machine has been repaired and The Hodges continue to play all over the Bay Area and continue to perform streaming shows at a variety of venues in the virtual world known as Second Life ( often with simulcasts on Radio RK (

The Hodges are:

Auto 'Robbie' Hodges – Vocals, Guitar, Synth (beer opener and provider of light)
Skibie Hodges – Bass
Johnny Hodges – Guitar
Tymber Hodges – Drums