Jambalaya Brass Band
Jambalaya Brass Band If you find that your musical and cultural diet has felt a little bland lately and been wondering where you might spice it up, well search no more—you won't want to miss the master musical chefs of the Jambalaya Brass Band! These seasoned New York purveyors of authentic American 'roots' music play a delightful spicy musical gumbo of New Orleans fare from the likes of Buddy Bolden, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Rebirth and Dirty Dozen brass bands, straight through to the heights of their own modern sounds which incorporate elements of R&B, Gospel, Funk, Zydeco, Latin, Hip-Hop and Be-bop. This tight and tasty ensemble is the ultimate in New Orleans party bands which is amply demonstrated on their new CD release It's a Jungle Out There.

The Jambalaya Brass Band is a group of seasoned musical pros from a variety of impressive previous musical settings as diverse as the Duke Ellington Orchestra to the Lounge Lizards,* yet they have a knack for integrating these disparate musical experiences into one dynamic setting. They embody the history of the best American music of the last hundred years while at the same time suggesting a prescient trajectory of America's musical future. Some of the Band's arrangements are traditional, and many are original and innovative while the playing is precise and spontaneous at the same time, yet all is conceived with imagination and wit. Because after-all, let's face it, this is New Orleans party music and, if anything, the Jambalaya Brass Band is a joyous and exuberant musical celebration as they have proven on many occasions. From the Warner Bros. film Where the Wild Things Are, to the Britney Spears Super Bowl Party in New York City at Planet Hollywood, to the half-time Mardi Gras show for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden this group of talented musical revelers has literally made the party.

Jambalaya's foundation is provided by Chauncey Yearwood's bass drum and cymbal; Washington Duke's snare drum and cymbal; and Ron Caswell's tuba-and this rhythm section cooks with a flavor as driving as it is subtle! Filling out this tasty gumbo and adding the spice on top is the trombone, vocals and percussion of Curtis Fowlkes; the trumpet, vocals and percussion of Walt Szymanski; and the tenor sax, vocals, percussion of leader and founder Ric Frank, who has worked with the Ellington Orchestra. In addition, the group is commercially flexible and viable in that they can provide a unit of five to nine players in a live setting-and what accomplished players these guys are!

It's a Jungle Out There is a rollicking musical journey and a great celebration of American music while at the same time an appetizing preview of what this group is capable of live. Putting on It's a Jungle Out There at a party is a sure bet, but seeing these talented players live really brings the party directly home to you.

" Jambalaya could stand side-by-side with most any New Orleans brass band in terms of sheer exuberance and energy . . . a party from start to finish."

—Henry Smith for All About Jazz

The Jambalaya Brass Band currently resides in New York City. Visit them on their website at www.jambalayabrassband.com

The Jambalaya Brass Band:

Leader/Tenor Sax/Vocalist/Percussionist/(and Zydeco Tie-ist): Ric Frank has performed with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Ray Santos Caribbean Music Experience, Louie Ramirez, Henry Fiol, the Treme Brass Band, the Hot 8 Brass Band, the Rebirth Brass Band, Armando Manznero, Yolandita Monge, Bobby Rodriguez Y Nueva Compania, the American Renaissance Theatre Chamber Ensemble, Johnny Allen, Michael J. Packer, Todd Wolfe, Dallas Fisher, 'Tuff' Jeff Salen, Steve Tintweiss, Jerome Callet's Stratosphere Big Band and sits in regularly with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band in NYC. Ric has received grants from, Meet the Composer, the Van Horne Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and the ASCAP Plus Awards.

Trumpet/Vocals/Percussion: Walt Szymanski has performed with the J.C Heard Orchestra, Ms. Jo Thompson, Eddie Kendricks, David Rufffin, Martha Reeves, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the O'Jays, Johnny Taylor, Brides of Funkenstein, the Ray Santos Caribbean Music Experience, Jimmy Madison, George Gee and The Jump Jive and Wailers, Gumbo Ya Ya, the Metropolitan Brass Quintet and the Harlem Festival Orchestra.

Trombone/Vocals/Percussion: Curtis Fowlkes is a co-founder of the Jazz Passengers and has also performed with The Lounge Lizards, Charlie Haden, Bill Frissel, the Louis Bellson Big Band, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Sheryl Crow, Don Byron, and leads his own group, Catfish Corner.

Tuba: Ron Caswell has performed with Charlie Persip's Supersound, Max Roach and the So What Brass Quintet, Anthony Braxton's Tri-Centric Orchestra, the Les Misreables Brass Band, The Might Be Giants, Frankie Ruiz, Rey Reyes, Kleztraphobix, the New York City Opera and the American Ballet Theatre.

Bass Drum/Cymbal/Drum Kit: Chauncey Yearwood has worked with Bill Ware's Urban Vibes and Vibes Trio, Yah Supreme & Brohemian, and Peter Barr's Drums & Percussion. Chauncey also works with The Pimps of Joytime, Escort, Fu Arkestra, James Kinney and the African Underground Allstars, and with Dj Concerned and Tha Itch at the Lovebeat party.

Snare Drum/Cymbal/Drum Kit: Washington Duke has performed with The Pimps of Joytime, Yah Supreme & Brohemian, DJ Black Pearl and recorded with Paul Jeffery and Curtis Fuller the album Together in Monaco.

Former members and others that have performed or recorded with the Jambalaya Brass Band: Kirk Joseph, Charles Joseph, Roderick Paulin, Raymond Williams, Ajay Mallory, Dineral Shavers, Branford Marsalis, Darrell Walker, Shawn Edmonds, Joe Hrbek, Alex Harding, Matt Patuto, Julie Bluestone, Charlie Kolhmeyer, Brian Bonvissuto, Evan Barker, Wayne Goodman, Jose Davila, Andy Burns, Chris Lacinak, Dave Berger, Moses Patrou, Yorel Lashley, Michael Weisberger, Al Acosta, Kevin Blancq, DeShannon Higa, Benny Russell, Lily White, Bob Curtis, Brad Leali, Jason Marshall, Dimetri Moderbaker, Burny Pelsmajer, Bill Dunn, Mike Lewis, Mike Hackett, Chuck MacKinnon, Omar Kabir, Mark Mcgowan, Owen Nestor, Kenny Rampton, Ben Wolkins, Greisha Alexiev, Rob Garcia, Artie Simmons, Joe Daley, Daniel Jodacy, Allison LeBlanc, Tom Leith, Phil Shimmel, Martin Urbach, Brian Drye, Greg Erickson, Chris Rinaman, Earl McIntyre, Kevin Louis, Dorian Parreott, Matt Musselman, Dan Peck, Andrew Barker, Evan Howard, Satoru Ohashi, Andrae Murchison, James Zollar, Frank London, Robert Stringer, T-Bone Davis, Ethan Shorter and Staffor Hunter.