Papa Bear and the Easy Love
Papa Bear and the Easy Love The intention of this project is to spread love and joy through music. Over the years Aaron Glass (Papa Bear) has assembled a beautiful catalogue of songs, and an awe inspiring cast of musicians to perform them. Giving a nod to classic song writers such as Neil Young and Elliot Smith, Aaron writes in a style that connects the old with the new, the ancient with the future... All with the purpose to help people connect to each other and themselves.

Now the community has grown to be not just musicians, but artists, healers, face painters, circus freaks, and every kind of person out there. At the shows, if you feel like singing, you are highly encouraged, if you feel like dancing, get those feet a movin', and if you feel like sitting and meditating, be a little buddha!

So come and be a part of Papa Bear and the Easy Love, your soul will thank you!