My Graveyard Jaw
My Graveyard Jaw Michael James has been playing music and living in New Orleans for over a decade. traveling with groups such as, The End of The World Circus, Clowns Not Bombs, The Know Nothing Family Circus Side Show, and The New Orleans Bingo Show. In 2002 Michael James formed My Graveyard Jaw, and within the year producing the album "Songs about you but Not for You". Growing tremendously since 2002, known for their defining the fusion of haunting gypsy blues, folk , and country music, they push to progress the essence of New Orleans sound. My Graveyard Jaw has recently released their 5th album "Coming Winds " featuring members of the Zydepunks, Denis Bonis on violin and Scott Potts on Bass. Recently taking on a second violinist Sebastian, of Roses Pawn Shop, cellist Alleyn Evans.