Fried Egg Nebula
Fried Egg Nebula Fusing Southern Rock with elements of rockabilly, reggae, jazz, funk, and Psychedelic Jams the Fried Egg Nebula has a sound that is all their own. This Lansing, MI based quartet has been building a large arsenal of original music over the last year and is quickly becoming an act to see. Combining back country harmonies, soaring guitar leads, funky bass lines, and tribal rythms the band explores the soundscapes and chasms of experimental music with a strong foundation in the songwriting. Though the group is new to the music scene, the members themselves have been playing and touring the country for over 10 years.The members also have experience in the DIY approach to the business building a grassroots fanbase, orginizing street teams and handling their own merchandising and recording.

If you enjoy high energy jamming with a down home flare then you will love the Neb!