Doba Formerly the half of the explosif internationnal act Dobacaracol, Doba (Doriane Fabreg) is now at the command of her own creativity. She chose a very peculiar, charming and extremely colorful character out of her imagination as her avatar: the Sand Woman, a poetic witch that will from now on take place on the stage.

Musically, Doba's solo project has a signature of it's own. Cradled in her childhood by music from many black cultures around the world such as Soul,Jazz,Rythm and Blues, Reggae etc... and later on with rock,pop and folk from the 60's and 70's and world music, she now stirs,flirts, mixes and combine all these ingredients with no moderation..

Writing in english as well as in french, her lyrics speak of travels, love, life's joy and trials and anything that light's a spark in her creative mind. With a voice that carries the warmth of an old vinyl , handling groove with sensuality and poetry, she finds with no compromise the words and melodies that talk to your soul and awakes an irresistible need to stomp your feet! She delivers her message with passion, rhythm and conviction casting her spell to reach the heart of all publics.