Science! Science! is a musical pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life. Science! is something for the everyman to believe in. Their upcoming self-titled EP speaks to the challenges of existence with a rip-roaring exclamation that every ounce of humanity matters, and no voice should go ignored. It's political; it's daring and dreamy; it's the place where rock and folk meet to dance, smile and raise a frothy brew in celebration.

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. For a stripped down two guitar, two mic set, the duo offers a full sound sure to turn any unfamiliar listener into a fist-shaking enthusiast. Stang and Elenteny share a bond stemming from childhood in Sayville, New York, and now thanks to a little fate and a change of residence, the two have reunited some 3,000 miles from their roots. The resulting chemistry of such a time-tested friendship pours from the stage and speakers of each Science! show.

When backed by Elenteny's nimble fingers artfully plucking an acoustic solo, Stang's raspy vocals and pensive wordsmithing elevate to heights that exceed some of his previous full band work with Sideways Reign. Elenteny, previously known around Seattle as the bassist for the four-piece Nefarious Jones, picks up the acoustic six-string to find an effortless blend with Stang's strumming and Lucero-esque vocals. Elenteny brings both a funk background and a Masters in Jazz Composition and Classical Guitar. Beyond his Classical expertise, Elenteny directs the guitar ensemble at Shoreline Community College. He'll continue to play bass in recordings for Science!, along with piano, keyboard/organ and accompanying vocals, but his live show focus will be the acoustic guitar.

Fans of their previous work with Sideways Reign and Nefarious Jones will enjoy the stripped down sound, mellow at times and impassioned wailing at others. Simple comparisons come with those they've shared the stage with, both past and present, such as Phish, Everclear, Marco Benevento, Casey Neil and The Norway Rats, Janet Robin, and Sierra Noble. Fans of Neil Young, Warren Haynes, Van Morrison, and The Band will find instant connection with Science!'s old-time West roots, and modern-era intellectual and activist sensibilities.

In the coming months, Stang and Elenteny will be putting the finishing touches on the first studio release, featuring Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums. In the meantime, live shows are sure to be a plenty. In 2010 alone, Stang covered a combined 20,000 miles touring as a solo act, with Sideways Reign, and later with Science!. He and Elenteny share a similar belief that the live performance is one of the most significant aspect of the art form. And they do it with raw and provoking style. One fan dubbed the duo as one of the hardest working, hardest drinking and hardest singing acts in the Pacific Northwest. Cheers to that.