The Rarely Available Band
The Rarely Available Band The Rarely Available Band (RAB) formed in 1979 with Tim Caldwell, Wayne Fulp, and Steve Virts. In 1980, drummer Dave Hartman (current drummer for Southern Culture On The Skids) joined the band, then Danny Altic brought in the bass to complete the group. After a few years of playing local and regional venues, Dave left to join S.C.O.T.S. and became an international sensation with their followers. The rest of the band kept their day jobs and stayed in their "comfort zone". Playing off and on ever since, The band is back "ON" now with the newest additions to the group. Al Coffey aka " the swiss army musician " plays acoustic and electric guitar, and adds mandolin, fiddle, sax, blues harp, flute vocals and more to the mix. Drummer Brett Reynolds moved his family here from Rochester New York after touring the U.S. and Europe with his band, and doing some recording with ex- Rolling Stone Mick Taylor. Brett said he found Rarely Available to be a refreshing change, and now adds his huge talent to the band. Along with "sweet" electric guitar lead licks, Tim Caldwell also plays the peddle steel guitar and Dobro, and adds some ripping blues harp to some tunes, to complete the band's unique sound of origional music and selected cover tunes that is The Rarely Available Band. The CD, Rarely Seen "LIVE", was a benefit for The Alzheimer's Assoc. and features a return performance by their original drummer Dave Hartman and guests Kent Martin (a long time member and bass player of The Kings), and Bobby Moore. Rarely Available is not a dance band, but don't mind if you do. So sit back, order a cold beverage and enjoy the music. Thank you!