New Terminus
New Terminus New Terminus is an Atlanta-based rock band with high-powered guitar-driven melodies and stylistic pop sensibilities. The band's influences vary from Built To Spill and Superchunk to the Pixies and Pinback. Offering captivating melodies, sincere vocals, and exacting musical detail, New Terminus infuses each song with infectious energy.

Jon and Travis of New Terminus have known each for an undisclosed period of time, but it's been a while, which shows in the guitar interplay of their songs. Jon also sings.

Two summers ago, Dallas the drummer, desperate to be in as many bands as possible, joined them, not to be the drummer, but pretend to be the drummer in a movie. He didn't find this satisfactory so he muscled his way into the role permanently (and tried to sing).

Finally the team (w/ founding bassist Jim Miller) adopted the multi-layered moniker NEW TERMINUS. 2011 has seen the departure of Jim, bass stints by Renaissance master Neal Williams. King of Cool Billy Santana joined the band long enough to write some songs and take part in recording for their first full length album, Red Giant.