The Mast
The Mast The Brooklyn-based duo The Mast creates a propulsive and expansive sound featuring Haale's (Ha-leh) layered, undulating vocals and hypnotic electric guitar riffs and Matt Kilmer's polyrhythmic drumming and electronic soundscapes.

Their latest EP "UpUpUp", released May 29, 2012 finds the duo branching out into lush electronic territory with a dubstep-esque beat and early IDM-influenced synth pads supporting sinuous vocals and an infectious chorus. Their debut album "Wild Poppies", released June 201 features Matt's hyperkinetic percussion and Haale's interlocking guitar riffs. The seemingly eight-armed Matt Kilmer plays a hybrid drum set of frame drums, djembe, and various cymbals. The thump of hands on goat skin, and the snap and shake of Matt's Slapback frame drum along with Haale's imagistic lyrics, hooky melodies, and simple, catchy guitar lines enhanced by pedals and effects create a sound that gets the audience dancing and gives lyric heads something to chew on. Whether creating soundscapes with electronics or instruments, the band creates an inviting sound all their own.

To create a visual context for the songs, The Mast has been delving into video production. They directed and edited 'Hummingbird' which they filmed from the perspective of a bird zipping through the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. They also directed and edited 'UpUpUp' which features the LA based dancer Pandora Marie. Between playing shows, recording, and making videos, they have also been working in TV and film. Matt is the Music Coordinator and one of the composers on comedian Louis CK's Emmy-nominated show Louie and Haale just finished her work in a feature-length film which will be released in the fall of 2012.