Circadian Rhythm
Circadian Rhythm "A circadian (sir-kay-dee-in) rhythm is roughly the 24-hour cycle for all living things, believed to originate from the earliest cells to protect their DNA from daytime radiation. Enter aptly named musical act Circadian Rhythm, Northeast Connecticut newwest sound. Beginning in the fall of 2006 as a three-piece cover outfit, CR features the talented Brandt Taylor on lead vocals and guitar. Cutting his teeth with Ms. Marci & The Lovesick Hounds, amongst others, Taylor was ready to front his own band along with his unique blues-fusion guitar style. On bass and backing vocals, Adam J. Smith (of Influenza, Generations Band) quickly shined in CR's early live performances. Drummer Mike "House" Aubin (also of Influenza and many others) put his passion for jazz and funk drumming into this developing act.

The trio soon realized a potential for writing more progressive original material as well as persuing a more unique rock sound. They gigged heavily but still felt CR was not complete - until they discovered saxophonist Derek Joly. Adding not only his woodwind sound, Joly also uses interesting electronic effects and layers that take Circadian Rhythm to the next sonic dimension. Brandt has serious but achievable goals for this talented bunch - "play all over the world, even if it means making only a modest living."

Circadian Rhythm has several well recorded Mp3's, both live and studio, on their webiste, as well as an excellent video of a live Pink Floyd cover from an early performance. Check out their trippy-yet-tight originals, some with humorous titles like "Argyle for Gargoyals" and "Fat-Ass Pants."