Jon Dose
Jon Dose Jon Dose is a 24 year old kentucky based electronic music producer and analogue synth enthusiast who has been producing music since the age of 14.

What separates the men from the boys in this world of electronic music production? A deep-seated passion, unstoppable ambition, and an unfathomable amount of quality hands-on experience. Jon Dose possesses all of these traits and far more. Jon Dose has been playing an integral role in the electronic music community for years.

What started long ago with Dose making weird music on his vast collection of analog synths has ultimately culminated in him dropping heavy sets from state to state alongside artists like, Eprom, Nasty nasty, Paper diamond (Alex b), Big Gigantic, Marty party, Bass Science, Starkey, Ana sia, Two fresh, Eliot lipp, Samples, Eoto, Lotus, Conspirator, Freddy todd, Nit grit, Beats Antique, and Zoogma. Jon Dose did his first official international release ‘From Heart to Finish’ with Made in Glitch in 2011.