Pickwick Led by Galen Disston, the band is soulfully charged with a fleet of talented hipsters, who crank out beats that make your feet dance without you even giving them permission. One of the most impressive elements of the band, is Galen's pipes!! The kid can belt out more soul than a lot of gospel choirs! With a reddish fro and Buddy Holly glasses, you can see the songs emerge from inside him through virtually every piece of his body! His fingers, and toes, his hair, his nose, and the veins in his neck all join in to give you the best performance, time and time again. Though Galen is fantastic, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the rest of the band (Michael, Garrett, Cassady & Kory) : guitars, keyboards, drums and a ton of percussion…they bring it every time!