Sea Stars
Sea Stars This is the work of Kurt Baumann, aka Tzol from Kan'Nal, and Katie Gray. Both artists have featured songs on FOX, ABC, STARZ, and the CW Television Network. They also have songs currently spinning on Sirius/XM Radio, Triple A stations around the country including Seattle's The Mountain, Portland's KINK, LA's KCRW, and Seattle's KEXP. Tjey have recently been joined by percussionist David Alderdice from Feast!

It was clear to mutual friend/producer Dik Darnell (John Denver, Earth, Wind and Fire) that the two singer-songwriters must meet, and upon the first day of their introduction in November of 2008, the two have been creating music together ever since. They are currently working with Dik on an EP which should be out by spring, 2012.

Katie has spent her performing career a solo act with her guitar, and has focused her energy on the richness of her voice and the art of songwriting. Her song "Set Free" from the album From Far Away was featured on the FOX television show Bones, the ‘iTunes compilation of Spotlight Independent artists’ as well as various radio stations around the country, including LA’s KCRW and Seattle’s KEXP. Her newly released second album, Love Like Fire, is available now.

Kurt has most recently launched The Burned, an album that consists of his solo work. Many of his songs are currently playing on AAA radio across the country and have already been featured on TV shows such as Crash, Make It Or Break It and Gossip Girl and NBC's Chase. He is the former lead singer/creator of the group Kan'Nal, and also spent much of 2009 as the front man/vocalist for the electro-pop band, Freeland, featuring the work of Grammy nominated DJ, Adam Freeland. He is currently touring with The Burned and in the studio recording his second album.