The Big Wu
The Big Wu Here's some reality: T.V. rots your brain, and the internet is no substitute for social activity. Seems basic, but it did take a little therapy to recognize these sneaky truths, but not the horizontal-on -the-couch kind of therapy. Did you know that there are many fine and upstanding Americans who honor the theraputic value of live rock-n-roll music and, susequently, beer... The Big Wu does.

The musical influences that helped create the Big Wu were loud, and large, and heartfelt. And over the past seven years, this Minnesota troupe has stepped into the role of creating the type of music that wants to course through your veins. Writing in truly American styles, the Big Wu slides, bends, rumbles, and chicken-picks with on the top intensity and good-time fervor.

This inclusive rock-n-roll, people. So boys bring your girls, parents bring your kids, therapists bring your patients. Let the Big Wu loosen the straps of your daily burden with real vibrations. Coming to a bullshitless beer hall near YOU!

Formed in 1991 at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, the Big Wu transformed itself from a Dead tribute band with a revolving membership into the veteran stalwarts of the jam band scene. With the addition of Al Oikari (keyboards), the Big Wu settled into a five-piece unit in 1996, rounding out the lineup with Chris Castino (guitar), Terry VanDewalker (drums), Andy Miller (bass), and Jason Fladager (guitar). Completing the band as a fully operational jammin’ machine, the Wu began writing original music while hosting weekly Wednesday gigs at Minneapolis’ famed venue the Cabooze.